Monday, December 28, 2009

An office space

This is my wee office in the front of the store as of now...notice there is a lot my Mac laptop. But I do have my ghost chair...happy! I will more then likely in time have to move this to the storage room in the back of the store and it sort of got me thinking what would I like to have back there....

I know I have posted this picture again...but I love this little office space... especially the laptop!

I love this little spot that is neatly tucked into a closet!The aqua blue is so fitting , as it is the color of my bird in my labels , signage etc...Loving the market shelving for a printer and a basket for files..
I am saving my pennies for a Mac laptop...I have only waited for for years and years and then some more years...and I am so so close to getting one ...I can hardly wait maybe in the next few weeks you can come in and visit me and my new computer... I know that are not overly expensive..but there is always something else for CeCe or the house that is more pressing...and there is always a bill for something unexpected that seems to arrive just when I have all my pennies lined up... So fingers crossed 2010...I may be blogging right from the store!
Oh Happy days!

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