Sunday, January 31, 2010

Pretty Blue!

I will be away for a few days! I thought you may enjoy looking at these pretty interiors...
I will be back Thursday...Have a happy Week!!

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Start Spreading the News....

I am leaving early monday morning to New York for the gift show...I can barely wait ..I am going to hit the ground running... Lots to do and even more to see...Wednesday I am going to skip out of work and check out some of my favourite haunts...pictured Above is ABC Carpet and Home...
It is just lovely inside! And they have the sweetest little cafe in the basement.....

I love Fish Eddy' is a wonderful dish store with piles and piles of dishes both new and old to sort through..I may have to pick up some more of the Central Park dishes for the cottage...Don't you just love the colors in this pattern..

Down in Soho I love to peek into Shabby Chic...but this may not be opened as I heard she went bankrupt...but I will stop in and see for myself.

Balthazar Just may be my favourite restaurant in NYC..I will defiantly pop in here for a sweet...or lunch...depending on the time!

I discovered this thrift store with Tony a few years back...and I always try to see if I can make it back to there...they have the most amazing furniture...and it is insanely reasonable..not to mention they have some pretty swanky clothes ..Like channel suits etc!!

And Of Course Anthropologie...we don't have one in St.Catharines...but I am thinking this little
rhino head would be cute in my powder room..or above and occasional table in my entrance. Well I must getting going..there is a lot to do before Monday morning...

Friday, January 29, 2010

Happy Birthday Dad

Just wanted to wish a great Happy Birthday..To the best Dad Ever!
I hope you and mom are up to some wonderful fun today in Sunny Florida!
Miss you like Crazy...
Love you tons and tons!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Aquas and Blues

Ladies and Gents I am talking Aquas and Blues today...Aren't they such beautiful colors!!
Today I am blogging from work..."The Store"...I am just delighted about that..No more late night blogging trying to fit it in with CeCe's bedtime and my time with poor Ole Tony...and not to mention TV time Phew..Now I can seat here at my desk and post some pretty pics!

My Sister in Law Erin helped with this room above..she was a Senior Design Editor of House and Home.She did this for the Princess Margaret House a few years back..I love the velvet couch ..and the Amy Butler curtains are beautiful!

Oh aqua sink ...your pretty chic there againest that dark wall!!

OK...I would love nothing more then to dive into that bed right this very second..The head board and foot board are divine..and the color of the duvet!! Ohhh this is a happy spot!

I am loving the curtains with the touch of coral /red....Happy happy look at aqua and blue!

Monday, January 25, 2010

Stripes in fun places

Just a few pictures of stripes the first photo ...the curtains are fantastic!! The gal on the bike in front of the stripped house is so cute check out the pillows on her bike...darling.... Don't you think...I would need pillows on my bike to cushion my fall..haha Happy Monday...hope your week is fun an fast!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Dancing Shoes

How darling are these shoes..I know CeCe and Tony would have a blast at this...but I tell you who I think would get a better kick out of this ,who does this so so often is my Dad and CeCe...his birthday is coming up.I can not remember where I received this photo..I am going to goggle them and see where I can pick these up...cute!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Yellow bathroom = Speedy morning?

O'K for those of you that have more then 1 child...please leave this blog now...Because trust me you do not want to read this....Tony is back to work ...yeah..he is commuting to T.Dot. Fabulous...Actually tres fabulous..the last few months have been the toughest yet.But that is over now and I have my happy rosy glasses on!! You are thinking what in gawds name does a bathroom have to do with this blog...
Well I am thinking if I had this crazy happy yellow bathroom to wake up would put an extra zing in my do all you moms do this..get ready yourself, get your child ready and out the door before 8:30...I am failing, really ,really bad at this..really bad...and I only have CeCe...I am waking up a little earlier every morning trying to get this down to a science....and it is just not working..I was talking to one of my gal friends and she said she gets up around ...are you ready for this insert delirious laughter here...5:30 am...coooommmeee oooonnnnnn 5:30am!!!!!!!!!! ...
There is an unwritten rule here in my house hold and that is don't rattle my cage to early in the am...I can't talk till at least 9:00 bells.
Oh mother of darkness...please say you guys have some tips for me...and please for the love of gawd don't tell me I have to get up at a godforsaken hour that has a 5 anywhere in it! And For the moms that have more then one..and that are still reading ...I am so sorry for the whining b/c I know you have it a trillion times harder!Must go a paint bathroom very very bright yellow!!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

White and fabulous

Wow...Fabulous wall of white empty frames...I adore you!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

I have a mother daughter day tomorrow

I have a date tomorrow with this sweet child...I love her dearly and I am excited to have just "our" time together...she is our true joy..I have been so busy and I have been working non stop.
I am thrilled to take it easy tomorrow with her... oh the fun we will have!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Testing New Laptop

This is just a test post...I have a new laptop...and I am just seeing if this imagine will post!
Fingers crossed....

Thursday, January 14, 2010

My Dinning Room Envy....

My dinning room No 1

My dinning room No 2

A picture looking into my dinning sweet niece Elle and CeCe with silly uncle Jorge

A picture of my Dinning room No. 4...hmmmmm

*Sigh* This past year I re did my dark dinning room...and don't get me wrong I love it !However when I see how great these dinning rooms look with a couch /banquet pulled up to the table...Well I am thinking maybe I would of preferred to do this...

or this

even this

ohhhh and this

There is something so charming and intimate with these pictures. I am imagining great long conversations at these tables...they seem so cozy and inviting..Maybe I need to search out a settee for my self....

Hot CoCo

I would really like a teeny weeny doughnut and a cup of hot coco...these are adorable...Or maybe I would prefer a gingerbread house...I am sure these are diet size!Yummmmmmy

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Gosh, It is hard to write a happy fluffy blog today...even though it is my birthday...Some how I am finding it really really hard b/c I thinking of all the mothers and little children, husbands and fathers and uncles and aunts and best friends and all the workers in Haiti and how incredibly hard their lives are right now and how much suffering they are going through...Gosh...sometimes I complain about the stupidest things and get upset about such silly stuff...My heart and prayers go out to Haiti.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Simple and Pretty

Sometimes the simplest interiors are just the prettiest...I love all of these pictures above...and these airy white rooms make me want to live a simpler life and donate or give away all my stuff! I have started with the closet at the front door...and I plan to declutter one little space at a time!

Monday, January 11, 2010

Cutest couple ever!
This is such a cute clip...I am not sure why it is not actually showing... This clip is of the sweetest 90 year old couple that have been married for 62 is so sweet..please try to watch this if you can...if not..I will work on this! It will make your day it is only a minute or so long but worth every second...Happy Tuesday All!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Pretty Entrance...

Pretty in pink...

I love, love this entrance...The gray and white rugs is fabulous and the pots of boxwood are just perfect...and lets talk about the great doors...oh my gosh... I love this !