Thursday, January 14, 2010

My Dinning Room Envy....

My dinning room No 1

My dinning room No 2

A picture looking into my dinning sweet niece Elle and CeCe with silly uncle Jorge

A picture of my Dinning room No. 4...hmmmmm

*Sigh* This past year I re did my dark dinning room...and don't get me wrong I love it !However when I see how great these dinning rooms look with a couch /banquet pulled up to the table...Well I am thinking maybe I would of preferred to do this...

or this

even this

ohhhh and this

There is something so charming and intimate with these pictures. I am imagining great long conversations at these tables...they seem so cozy and inviting..Maybe I need to search out a settee for my self....

1 comment:

  1. Ok Cheri..... I can not tell the difference between your house and the magazine pictures!!! It looks incredible. I must see pictures of the whole place. Please indulge me :) Of course with two 5 year boys and about 1000 markers without caps I would be in trouble but a girl can dream.