Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Just Randoms of Rooms I am loving

So I am in Winnipeg...
House hunting... and it is tough!
I am back for my second round and I am truly stumped. I know the area I would like to live in but there really is not that much on the market.
The homes that are on the market are not really saying ....pick me ...pick me!
So I have pulled up some pictures that I am loving and seeing if I can make any of these work in the homes I have seen!

Ok love the black painted window ..the soaring white ceiling and the 2 lights over the island!

Hello fur are perfectly warm for Winnipeg winters.
Although I know it is not really politically correct.

Love the great big mirror to bounce all that big prairie sky around!

How great is this...two big frames of wallpaper? Great do it yourself project.

I just love everything here!! Super Duper Love!! Why are you not for sale in the "Winnie".

Oh hello soft grey so sweet and different from white!

I love the twigs and the mirrors and the day bed...

Monday, June 28, 2010

Flying Out Of Here.....

Well CeCe and I are off to the "Winnie".
We have a busy week ahead of us..I have too register CeCe for school...yipes...
Seriously time honestly flys!!
Speaking of flies...Can I tell you there where millions of mosquitos last week when I went out to visit Big T.
Some one told me that the national bird of Manitoba is the Mosquito....funny stuff.
I had a good laugh at that!
I will check back with you tomorrow...
I hope every one is getting their Canada on...We truly live in the best country!
mosquitos and all!

Black and White

Wow ..
I have not seen this before ...and I like it.

Or how darling is this black and white horizontal strip in the hallway!!

Cute strips hanging from the ceiling.

Love the twin beds..and the three plates above.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Some Serious Furniture Pieces In the Loo.......Who Knew?

OK, So I am loving that people are putting some rather big furniture pieces in their bathroom.."Hello Tufted Chair" look great in there!

If you can not fit a chair how about a tuffet...and some framed art work.

My favourite...
Love this Hutch and everything inside it! Plus check out the lamps on the sink!!

How about some Portraits?

Even this dresser looks great in here!

Sunday, June 20, 2010


It is fuzzy b/c I took this with my cell phone

Some great lighting from the New York design show last month!

Thomas Paul

While I was in New York..I bought this Thomas Paul platter from this cute store below...
For the life of me can not remember the name...but look how cute their window display was.
I am loving everything Thomas Paul!

Friday, June 18, 2010

ABC Kitchen New York City

Quick post as I am dashing literally out the door for Winnipeg!
I went last month to New York city just for a quick trip like less then 48 hours..

Anyways ABC Carpet and Home has a wonderful resturant called ABC Kitchen...Go figure..
I was sneaking around trying to take a few pictures..I got totally busted and for a moment
I was afraid security was going to escort me out...Yipes..Thank Gawd...
I was quick to apolozize like a zillion times...Even though for the record, I had asked a waitress first!
Anyways the pics are taken with my cell phone so you are not really getting the full monty...
but let me tell you all it was true heaven in there!!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

The cottage

A little sneak peek of May at the cottage...Gosh, I really love it there..the friends, the food, the laughs ,the camp fires ...all make for good times...and this is only the beginning of the summer woo hoo!

Uncle Johnny Jake CeCe and Elle take the first dip in the lake in May!!

Mel and Emma
Gotta Love Mel!!
Check out the wedges...she walked up and down all 90 steps in this all weekend long!

CeCe already for the next perfect wave... bows and all....haha

I bought this great carpet for the foyer at is from Dwell...for Chheeaap!

I am waiting for the rest of my furniture to get down here but this is the make shift TV ( rain) room!

Keith helped me huge with this chalkboard..being a teacher and all I guess it just all comes naturally!
I have lights I need Tony to hang ..and more white dishes to collect..but it is coming along.

The kitchen

Cute hooks

The Dinning Room

One of the bedrooms

And the tiniest room ever...a closet really!