Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Great Inexpensive Must Have Whites

Here are a few great white items that can transform your interiors!
The ikea curtains are a steal for $59.00 for a set of two panels. They look great hung and are so versitale.If you dare get sick of them I say pull a Maria and make a great dress out of them ..HaHa.. I am only suggesting that b/c I saw the Sound of Music this week at the Princess Of Wales Theatre..it was a great show!!
The rice lantern is a great alternative to expensive lighting ..it is always in style and can often be picked up for less then $ 10.00 dollars.
I am in love with the vinyl Louis the 16th chairs...I love the fact that my 3 three year old can spell anything on it and it is just an easy wipe up and my friends can spell any red wine on it and not have that dreaded look of horror ..plus it is so stylish.
White cotton sheets ...seriously why make any other color...just give me the most thread count you can pack in ! They are always a deal at Home Sense / Marshalls. I have seen 700 to a thousand thread sheets for less then $49.00 dollars
The Sophie Conran jug is a great bargin it is so organic looking and is lovely to serve juice , milk or my drink of favor.. Mojita's! And usually runs less then $25.00 .
And of course the white birthday setting...ballons how inexpensive are they .99 cents...they make the table....

Painted Stairs

I recently painted out my dark gumwood stairs and added a great runner from
www.dashandalbert.com ...I chose the blue heron carpet...I must say I was delighted when it arrived and quickly had it installed. I will post a picture later. I was helping a friend choose some colors for her staircase.. when I ran across these great painted stairs...aren't they divine...Can you imagine the fushia staircase ... I think it is incredible ..oddly...I believe this picture comes from Wish magazine which had it last issue this past January...and even more oddly...I think I went to Ridley with Liz...I think she may have been a year older then me...but boy does she have great taste!

Monday, June 29, 2009


This Cole and Son wallpaper "WOODS" has seen a new home in my cottage thanks to the great help from my friend Keith...I was a little nervous at first because we had to pre paste the walls ...but I must tell you it went alot smoother then I thought.... And I think now, I would prefer to pre paste the walls then use wallpaper that is already pasted...odd..I know!

Paper Lanterns

I have just recently painted..(.cough)..I mean my husband has just recently painted our cottage black with white trim....a very bold move for me!! Especially considering I have owned a store for the past 7 years called White on White...and my whole world has been white for so so long... I think it is rather daring and rebellious that I choose these specific colors for our summer retreat
....but I have to tell you I just love it! When I came across this picture it reminded me a little of our lake house, and I couldn't help but think I need paper lanterns...how silly and fun!!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Rooms I am loving

Here are a few pictures of rooms I am loving....
I am decorating our cottage and here are some of the inspiration I was looking at isn't this adorable for little wee ones...
of course I am deeply in love with white ... but i find i am madly in love with the aqua curtains...