Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Great Inexpensive Must Have Whites

Here are a few great white items that can transform your interiors!
The ikea curtains are a steal for $59.00 for a set of two panels. They look great hung and are so versitale.If you dare get sick of them I say pull a Maria and make a great dress out of them ..HaHa.. I am only suggesting that b/c I saw the Sound of Music this week at the Princess Of Wales Theatre..it was a great show!!
The rice lantern is a great alternative to expensive lighting ..it is always in style and can often be picked up for less then $ 10.00 dollars.
I am in love with the vinyl Louis the 16th chairs...I love the fact that my 3 three year old can spell anything on it and it is just an easy wipe up and my friends can spell any red wine on it and not have that dreaded look of horror ..plus it is so stylish.
White cotton sheets ...seriously why make any other color...just give me the most thread count you can pack in ! They are always a deal at Home Sense / Marshalls. I have seen 700 to a thousand thread sheets for less then $49.00 dollars
The Sophie Conran jug is a great bargin it is so organic looking and is lovely to serve juice , milk or my drink of favor.. Mojita's! And usually runs less then $25.00 .
And of course the white birthday setting...ballons how inexpensive are they .99 cents...they make the table....

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