Friday, July 31, 2009

Hey Gang...Happy news Cobi Lander is back...Her new site is as lovely as she is... you can check her and her design team out at

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Must Have.......

I was recently looking at the website and found these adorable broches...Ohhhh...I need one or two of these...Badly!!They are truly fabulous!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Imagine, who knew you could mix both black and white frames and they would look smashing together.

Love the idea of all the art work in the loo!!

I am trying this idea at home, in my extra long hallway upstairs.I love the fact they start at the baseboard and work there way up the wall .

Oh...I am in love with all the fish swimming across the wall!

Saturday, July 25, 2009

The cottage

I am off to the cottage till Wednesday...3 girlfriends 7 childern, no husbands...and a lot of rain in the forecast wish me luck!


I am in love with how they placed the flatware in this glass jar .I am adoring how they wrapped each set with a sweet ribbon...I must do this the next time I have special guests for dinner!And Check out the napkins in the other apothecary jar... honestly!

Loving the ironstone and linen napkins!

I took this imagine from Simply Selta..I would eat greens all day if I had them arranged like this.

Leave it to Martha!! How fabulous is this tea!!

Friday, July 24, 2009


So it has been raining for days and actually for the most part of this summer.
I have been spending a lot of time inside. I am just about ready to build an ark an gather up all my favorite pairs...ha ha . I am doing the domestic thing and dreaming about how I would love all the shelves and closets to look like.
Then I came across a blog called
Sharilyn is from Vancouver and I think is the most talented lady ever. She is an amazing mom that is insanely creative and she makes the most wonderful invites, stationary index files etc... She posted pictures of her shelving...I wept!
They are the last few pictures below...honestly!I wept!

Sherilyn's kitchen...excuse me I need a Kleenex!

shelves arranged by colors....still crying...

A shelf for her tot....Brillant...sniff

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

I am Back

I am back.
I had the best week ever in Newfoundland.I spent alot of time laughing and smiling . I caught up with my oldest, and dearest, girlfriends.We shared a few glasses of great wine and caught up on the children , husbands, boyfriends, home projects, yoga and just pure fun girl stuff.
I met up with my cousin and her beautiful and charming children.
I played Scrabble with my parents, and won a few games,which is never easy b/c they should be on the Pro circuit. Most importantly I spent a great deal of time with my amazing grandparents.We had Picnics at the ocean, home cook meals at nans, and had great fun shopping in downtown St.John's.
The only thing missing was Tony.I am sure he had a great week as well , no honey to do list, no can you reach this or that, no when will you be home etc.I will post pictures later but I am knackered and off to bed!!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Blue and White

I am dreaming in Blue and White this morning.These two colors look so wonderful together. They are so fresh and so nautical. I could sit in any of these rooms and feel a million miles away and I am sure I could hear the ocean lapping in the back ground. Speaking of which I am off to Newfoundland for a week,my favorite place on earth!! I am there to visit my family and dear friends , eat some great seafood, and take in all the ocean air my lungs can handle! I bought a new camera so I will return with a million great pictures to share with you! Have a great week!

Sunday, July 12, 2009


I know this has nothing to do with home decor but I had such a great weekend with my Mom , Dad, Tony and CeCe. We all met up at the cottage on Friday..and spent much of the rainy day on Saturday in Angelica a really sweet town in Western New York. Mom and I had a great time going from antique store to antique store,we bought all sorts of treasures, but I found the cutest little smocks for CeCe and she looks like such a doll in them.
Children's clothing especially girl clothes are so darling both past and present.Anyways I came across a picture of a these dresses on Etsy and for the life of me I can not remember the name of the lady who makes thesebut check out these two adorable dresses seriouslyaren't these the cutest...

Thursday, July 9, 2009


Love the drum lighting

oh shelving so neat and perfect!

Seriously this is perfect...I love the vinyl wingback chairs!

Three of my great girlfriends have all bought new homes this past month...I am insanely happy for each of their wonderful families. Dana, Mel and Kelly have each chosen beautiful homes to raise their sweet clan and have relocated to great neighbourhoods.
Oh the true bliss I feel for all of them.
They all get to chose colors, kitchens , landscapes, bathrooms etc.. I am sure it can be very daunting at first...the packing the purging...the lugging... but the end result is always so thrilling especially when you find that perfect bed linen, or the great bathroom fixture, the right kitchen cabinet coloretc..It is the hunt for all home decor things that sends me over the edge it is a true joy and passion of mine!
I am wishing all the gals much love and laughter in their new homes, may every dinner be filled with great conversation, every bed warm and cozy, and every paint color the perfect shade on the first try! Congratulations Ladies.I see many happy times and memories ahead! I thought I would show some of my favorite kitchens b/c if their household is anything like mine the kitchen is truly the heart of the home!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Fancy Plates

I adore the way they have placed these plates..swiping across the wall...And I love it is just a collection of a little bit of everything..It is so whimsical...

Ok...Love this and I think...this is a DIY project...they are silhouettes ...don't you think you could just spray paint white plates black once you have made a cut out sihoutte?....not sure...but I am also really liking the table...they look like two urns with a piece of board...

And just white plates ...simple

Tickled Pink!

Just a pink Jacket ...and look how great it looks in this space.

I liked this picture so much I have added it twice...oops Sorry about that!

A hit of pink with Chairs

Gosh so calming

Love it!!

Pretty in pink!

I am heading over to my mom's who is the most creative person everand I am blessed a thousand times over to have her in my life she can do, paint ,decorate, she is an artist and sadly I never got her artistic genes . Today we are planning a party for my Nan who turns 80 in September and we are thinking of planning a pink Party for her...I am excited to dream up ideas with my mom!! Happy Days!

If I was not living with Tony I think I may have a pink and white house!
there is something so calming and pretty about this color and so girly
Ahh pink are delightful.