Thursday, July 2, 2009

White on White

Where has the time has been a year ago today that Kelly and I closed the doors to
White on White. I must say we had a great run of it....So many happy memories and so many wonderful friends met along the way.I am still shocked when I venture out and people tap me on the shoulder to say what a great store it was and how they miss it...I miss it very much as well.
I loved our little cafe in the back ...we had many laughs and tears over a million cups of tea and pastries with all sort of guest and friends. Gosh if those walls could talk.... We had the privelege to set up guests and friends with some of our male customers some worked out and some well not so much...but boy did we ever have fun trying...I think we enjoyed the setup more then some their dates!
Sam my brother in law met his wife Erin, there so to speak and they wed a few years back .Kelly myself Pam and Christina all had our babies there...well not actually in the store but we all worked through our pregnancies there.It must of been something in the tea...
My favorite line was from Kelly when she would raid the pastries stand and grab a pumpkin tart...and turn so sweetly to me and say "Pumpkin Tart....well that is a vegetable serving"
We had the greatest girls work for us Pam, Christina ,Ali, Lauren, Anna, Jo Jo,Shaunian, Cassandra. Our neighbouring stores downtown where just the greatest.
I am glad Justin from Gifted Presence is there as well as Bonnie from Harmony.I would hate the store to be with anyone else. Sadly Patti, from Patti Cakes who took over our cafe passed away last month..but I would like to think of her up in heaven just whipping up all sorts of treats , cookies and tarts for every newcomer at the pearly gates.
I have enjoyed my time off with CeCe and Tony . CeCe is our true joy who just turned three in May..she keeps me on my toes and keeps me smiling and laughing through out the day I am so lucky and blessed to be able to spend this time with her ...because before you know it she will be out the door to school and want no part of me and my shenanigans.

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  1. oh, i miss that place... nothing better than cozying up with a coffee for a nice chat with the girls in the cafe...