Saturday, July 4, 2009

Twin Beds

Oh...I coud just jump in and get all cozy
How great for a boy's room...I love the Cardboard deer heads and the lighting!

How sweet to have little chairs at the end of the beds if only they could stay that tidy!

Fabulous lighting options

Well it is official,CeCe is out of her crib.I must say this was very hard for me.( long overdue) We are taking the crib down today.No more little baby no more coming in a seeing her jumping up and down in her crib hanging on to her blankie . I am a little worried once she is in her bed there will be some serious negations as to keeping her in there.I am sure I am going to hear the pitter patter of her feet as she is trying to sneak out of her bed...bedtime will certainly change in this household.
Awe no more nursery.a little girls room instead.
We bought beautiful antique twin beds at a local antique store down the street called Alice's Antiques. Susan Nash was a delight and I recommend anyone wanting something lovely to take a peek into their store. I was in there for hours! Well I must dash, as I have 2 more beds to make and fuss over this morning and a little girl who is ultra excited about being a big girl tugging on my arm asking to help make her beds!

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