Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Tickled Pink!

Just a pink Jacket ...and look how great it looks in this space.

I liked this picture so much I have added it twice...oops Sorry about that!

A hit of pink with Chairs

Gosh so calming

Love it!!

Pretty in pink!

I am heading over to my mom's who is the most creative person everand I am blessed a thousand times over to have her in my life she can do, paint ,decorate, she is an artist and sadly I never got her artistic genes . Today we are planning a party for my Nan who turns 80 in September and we are thinking of planning a pink Party for her...I am excited to dream up ideas with my mom!! Happy Days!

If I was not living with Tony I think I may have a pink and white house!
there is something so calming and pretty about this color and so girly
Ahh pink are delightful.

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