Thursday, July 9, 2009


Love the drum lighting

oh shelving so neat and perfect!

Seriously this is perfect...I love the vinyl wingback chairs!

Three of my great girlfriends have all bought new homes this past month...I am insanely happy for each of their wonderful families. Dana, Mel and Kelly have each chosen beautiful homes to raise their sweet clan and have relocated to great neighbourhoods.
Oh the true bliss I feel for all of them.
They all get to chose colors, kitchens , landscapes, bathrooms etc.. I am sure it can be very daunting at first...the packing the purging...the lugging... but the end result is always so thrilling especially when you find that perfect bed linen, or the great bathroom fixture, the right kitchen cabinet coloretc..It is the hunt for all home decor things that sends me over the edge it is a true joy and passion of mine!
I am wishing all the gals much love and laughter in their new homes, may every dinner be filled with great conversation, every bed warm and cozy, and every paint color the perfect shade on the first try! Congratulations Ladies.I see many happy times and memories ahead! I thought I would show some of my favorite kitchens b/c if their household is anything like mine the kitchen is truly the heart of the home!

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