Wednesday, July 22, 2009

I am Back

I am back.
I had the best week ever in Newfoundland.I spent alot of time laughing and smiling . I caught up with my oldest, and dearest, girlfriends.We shared a few glasses of great wine and caught up on the children , husbands, boyfriends, home projects, yoga and just pure fun girl stuff.
I met up with my cousin and her beautiful and charming children.
I played Scrabble with my parents, and won a few games,which is never easy b/c they should be on the Pro circuit. Most importantly I spent a great deal of time with my amazing grandparents.We had Picnics at the ocean, home cook meals at nans, and had great fun shopping in downtown St.John's.
The only thing missing was Tony.I am sure he had a great week as well , no honey to do list, no can you reach this or that, no when will you be home etc.I will post pictures later but I am knackered and off to bed!!

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