Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Just Randoms of Rooms I am loving

So I am in Winnipeg...
House hunting... and it is tough!
I am back for my second round and I am truly stumped. I know the area I would like to live in but there really is not that much on the market.
The homes that are on the market are not really saying ....pick me ...pick me!
So I have pulled up some pictures that I am loving and seeing if I can make any of these work in the homes I have seen!

Ok love the black painted window ..the soaring white ceiling and the 2 lights over the island!

Hello fur are perfectly warm for Winnipeg winters.
Although I know it is not really politically correct.

Love the great big mirror to bounce all that big prairie sky around!

How great is this...two big frames of wallpaper? Great do it yourself project.

I just love everything here!! Super Duper Love!! Why are you not for sale in the "Winnie".

Oh hello soft grey so sweet and different from white!

I love the twigs and the mirrors and the day bed...

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