Thursday, June 17, 2010

The cottage

A little sneak peek of May at the cottage...Gosh, I really love it there..the friends, the food, the laughs ,the camp fires ...all make for good times...and this is only the beginning of the summer woo hoo!

Uncle Johnny Jake CeCe and Elle take the first dip in the lake in May!!

Mel and Emma
Gotta Love Mel!!
Check out the wedges...she walked up and down all 90 steps in this all weekend long!

CeCe already for the next perfect wave... bows and all....haha

I bought this great carpet for the foyer at is from Dwell...for Chheeaap!

I am waiting for the rest of my furniture to get down here but this is the make shift TV ( rain) room!

Keith helped me huge with this chalkboard..being a teacher and all I guess it just all comes naturally!
I have lights I need Tony to hang ..and more white dishes to collect..but it is coming along.

The kitchen

Cute hooks

The Dinning Room

One of the bedrooms

And the tiniest room ever...a closet really!

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  1. The 'tiny' room just needs a fan this was pretty hot last summer!! ;)