Friday, June 4, 2010

Winnipeg Loft

Oh Hello sliding door

Loving the exposed brick wall
Happy kitchen double stove? Loveliness!!

Black industrial windows so happy I am tearing up....sniff sniff
Exposed beams...can't cope tear drops dripping down my face with happpiness

Oh my gosh full out bawling happy over the ceiling seriously... there was a little burp...with my flight to Winnipeg.
So I never made it there this weekend.
Long Story.
Anyways I think I mention I am really thinking about living in a big industrial loft.
I like this idea as I want to come home to Niagara in the summer, and It will be easier I believe to get up and go with out a yard to take care of etc...
But my main reason is It is going to be so stink'in cold like -42 every second day in the winter...and I love the idea of a heated underground parking I never have to lug groceries in from the frigid outdoors , clean the ice from my car, etc...
So I just saw this one listed with Bill Theissen cue my sing songy voice...
Love it all ...1900 sq feet of it!
Of course it needs a little white touch here and there but I think it is the exposed brick walls, love the kitchen and the loft windows...happy folks! What do you I crazy for wanting to live this way for a bit?

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  1. Cheri, it's perfect! I couldn't agree with you more! Who needs a yard in Winnipeg anyway, I can only remember grasshoppers hopping about everywhere and the ridiculous hot and rainy weather. Your hair will look like the inside of a blown tire! Better to stay indoors and look outward and/or downward while sipping an ice tea. Live large and beautiful! Patti Kopp