Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Yellow bathroom = Speedy morning?

O'K for those of you that have more then 1 child...please leave this blog now...Because trust me you do not want to read this....Tony is back to work ...yeah..he is commuting to T.Dot. Fabulous...Actually tres fabulous..the last few months have been the toughest yet.But that is over now and I have my happy rosy glasses on!! You are thinking what in gawds name does a bathroom have to do with this blog...
Well I am thinking if I had this crazy happy yellow bathroom to wake up would put an extra zing in my do all you moms do this..get ready yourself, get your child ready and out the door before 8:30...I am failing, really ,really bad at this..really bad...and I only have CeCe...I am waking up a little earlier every morning trying to get this down to a science....and it is just not working..I was talking to one of my gal friends and she said she gets up around ...are you ready for this insert delirious laughter here...5:30 am...coooommmeee oooonnnnnn 5:30am!!!!!!!!!! ...
There is an unwritten rule here in my house hold and that is don't rattle my cage to early in the am...I can't talk till at least 9:00 bells.
Oh mother of darkness...please say you guys have some tips for me...and please for the love of gawd don't tell me I have to get up at a godforsaken hour that has a 5 anywhere in it! And For the moms that have more then one..and that are still reading ...I am so sorry for the whining b/c I know you have it a trillion times harder!Must go a paint bathroom very very bright yellow!!

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