Friday, January 1, 2010

Pics of CeCe 2009

Newfoundland Fall 2009

CeCe and her Great Grandparents love them

A stick a doll and the beach

The cutest cousin ever Una...whom CeCe oftens wants to take home for a sister!

I know not CeCe but I put Paris in the swings in Jan. last year...and well I think it is funny

Her Lemon ade stand...We learned a lot that day, Like yelling and pointing at those that don't buy lemonade is not very lady like...Thank Gawd the weather turned to rain shortly after this pic!

Florida at Mom and Dads...ahhhh miss it there so so much!

Middle Cove Newfoundland

Picture's from our Cottage in New York State...great summer

Her Cousin Elle...She adores her and Jake...yipes got to post one of him here

Well 2009...Here and gone so so quickly...I am posting a few of my favorite memories and Pics of CeCe.... You know how it is! The First time mom of one... Sorry ..Hope I am not boring you to death...There are so many more but I think I should refrain...I may end up like that crazy aunt or uncle that wants to show you a slide show of the 400 pictures they took of them on vacation...I really don't want to be that person! haha

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