Friday, January 1, 2010

OK...I have discovered Polyvore on Simply Seleta's blog... And I can see this website is going to take up even more of my time ...You can basically group pretty things together shoes , outfits , home interiors etc...I just put this happy little aqua grouping together...I hope this posts! Insert crazy laugh this has taken me about and hour or so to figure out....Thank gawd today is a lazy day holiday!
Hope everyone had a great time last night...and are sticking to those new years resolutions!Ha!


  1. Thank you.... like I needed something else to become addicted to. You stink, lol. :-)

  2. OOhhh Kelly...I so know!!
    I think I need an extra 2 hours added to the day I like the sound of "26 hour" days..Then I can have an extra hour or so to browse through the computer at fabby websites! Ha
    Smiles C.