Thursday, December 3, 2009

Eddie Ross's Fabulous Wreath

OK...So clearly I am having a thing with making wreaths first the book wreath and now the ornament wreath...which in itself is hilarous...b/c I am about as crafty as a Nat!But there is something so appealing to me about making this is just a coat hanger, a glue gun,and some Christmas balls...honestly doesn't that sound breezy easy...This weekend I am going to try a tackle myself...I know if I invite a friend to do this with me..hers will always turn out better then mine...oh.. and I know she is reading this...and I know she knows who I am talking about..This great girlfriend of mine can do anything...Once at a craft seminar ..her boxwood topiary was so exceptional that the lady held it up for all the ladies to awe over...and was true perfection she is insanely talented and she has a birthday this weekend.Maybe I will surprise her with one of these beauties for her birthday...hmmm something to think about!


  1. Laughing out loud-very loud!

  2. Cheri - I made one - check it out on my blog at, it was pretty fun! Now I just have to get George to hang it up for me.