Monday, June 27, 2011

Oh My What a Crazy few weeks....

CeCe and Tony went to Niagara for a week to open the cottage and see family.
I started my new job.

One of the first trips for work was to Brandon. Check out the sand bags.
This sweet city is flooding.There is so much water ...I have no idea where they are going to pump it too.
It is really strange to see.

I bought this little bistro set for Tony for father's day...and then decked it all out in yellow and blue.

The table cloth is a shower curtain from the Zehrs.

This s a picture of Tony and CeCe on fathers day!
( when they returned from Niagara)

On Monday CeCe had her last soccer game.Here she is in all her glory.
Then Monday night we had some very sad news. My grandfather passed away. He was a wonderful man and lived to be 90 yeas old. He was on facebook and would check in often with me.
He will be greatly missed!
So CeCe and I headed to my favourite place on earth....
Newfoundland to attend the funeral.

We met with my cousins

Toured Cabot Tower.
We had a free afternoon and tried to see whales with my dad such luck.
We saw three cute sea otters!
But no humpbacks!
I just needed more time!

Here is CeCe looking onto the harbour!

It has a been a whirlwind here...I am struggling to keep my head above water...Sorry for the lack of posts! Hopefully when I get into a routine..everything will be back to normal!


  1. Oh bud....sending you some peace my friend and maybe a life jacket to help with keeping you a float! Okay...loooovvvveee the yellow and blue! You are the best! Miss you tons! K.

  2. Great pictures and sorry to hear about your Grampie!! They are special. Glad you got home tho..hugs..Sandy