Monday, June 6, 2011

A Fun Weekend

There was a little fair just down the block from where we live.
I met up with some lovely ladies and their girls and we made an afternoon out of it!
Of course the big hit were the Pony rides!
I bought something round a fake see bottom picture.

Here is the picture of the Bergere Chair.
I must tell you I really honest to goodness loved the green.
I am plannning on doing a grey and white room so this color although lovely was a little to much!

Ta Da....
here is the same chair in Overcoat Grey by Benjamin Moore.

We taught CeCe how to ride her bike this weekend... ..
and it was not long before she was whipping down the street!

Go CeCe Go!!
She is just given her!

This is funny...
For all the real interior designers that read this please log off now!
I have crazy fake toparies in my front step.
I know a good few of you are horrifed...But I can not help myself!
I just can't!

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