Thursday, April 29, 2010

Some News!!

I am so sorry it has been a wee bit since I blogged...But Life around here has been silly crazy busy!!
I have some news to share with you all!
I am moving...oh and not just across town...Wait for Winnipeg!!!
Yep...your eyes read that right! Yipes!!....
I am nervous and happy and terrified all at the same time.
Tony has had a wonderful job opportunity there..and well the offer was very hard to refuse..
I am insanely proud of him..and it is a dream job for him...
It is a great time to get up and make a change CeCe will start school in September so I don't feel to terribly guilty about pulling her out of school here etc.
Tony has been back and forth for a few weeks,,,the house is getting listed on Friday.
I had a TV crew in yesterday do a show on staging your house to sell...
and well it is cuckoo for coco puffs right about now!
Honestly please explain to me why we live with so much stuff...Honestly is it just I am cleaning out closets , pantries , rooms , basements etc....
REALLY I own this much stuff...REALLY?
I am dreaming of living minimal in a modern loft with soaring ceilings industrial brick walls and massive windows...Under ground parking...yes please..not really wanting to be hanging outside in the "Peg at -40!... but that is a whole entire blog on itself!
So bare with me then next few days are busy with open houses and showings and of course last minute freak out cleaning!!


  1. Congratulations. That's a big family adventure. But I was going to come to St. Catharines to see the new store! Are you closing it soon? Details please.

    Lisa, Toronto

  2. Lisa!
    I am here till the end of August...and I sold the store to a great GaL her name is Brenda!l...So you still have loads of time for a visit....She will change the name of the store to Simply White... so pretty!!
    So Come on down from the big smoke!!

  3. So happy for you but sad that we never got together. Before you go perhaps?

  4. Hi Cheri, I am very happy for you and your family but I won't lie...I am so upset you will be leaving St.Catharines! I am originally from outside of Winnipeg, it has amazing areas but it crushes me I won't be seeing you at your store anymore. I will be in this week to see you. If you decide to open a boutique in Winnipeg I will be there when I go back on one of my many visits through out the year.