Saturday, April 3, 2010

Flowering Branches

( all pictures are from fric and frac )
Ahhh ...Spring is certainly here in Niagara this has been glorious outside...and of course this weekend is one of my favourite holidays...simpliy b/c you can eat mounds and mounds of chocolate and jelly beans before breakfast!! We are so lucky to live in this region b/c we have so many farms with cherry blossoms, apple blossoms, peach trees etc...
I am thinking of maybe asking a farmer if i may clip a few of his branches...I am sure they are pruning the trees now for Any how..aren't flowering branches just delightful!! Happy Easter and Happy Spring everyone...Hope the next few days are wonderful for you and your families!!


  1. Oh this is utterly perfect inspiration right here!

    Have a wonderful weekend


  2. Hey Patricia,
    Great to see you visit here...Wow...I am shocked...but happy you popped by! Hope you are having a beautiful Easter Weekend...over the pond!