Tuesday, April 20, 2010

A log Cabin Painted White

I am loving the texture of the walls of this log cabin...look how bright and airy it is once they painted it white...
I have this glass jars at CeCe and Co..and I adore them you can store so so many things in them!!

Happy Louis the XVI chair!

All pictures taken from Decorlogy this is a wonderful blog !


  1. Love the painted log cabin! Who had the nerve to paint that?....bet it wasn't a man!

  2. I want to do this to our home it is dark and dreary yellowed logs this would make my home look like a show place I just love love love this!!!! I would like add this is my new husbands home who has lived here for 15 years so time for a change:)

  3. LOL Sounds like we married the same man!
    We have painted some walls Pottery Barn Fusion and it is very nice but still manly!