Thursday, August 6, 2009


It has been a whirlwind over the past few weeks...but I have had such a wonderful time . We have been very busy being host/hostess to many great visitors at the cottage ...

Last week I had three great gals from high school drop in with 6 of their children...It still amazes me the stuff we could do with out a man in site..Nancy was the master at starting campfires ,Jane and Nancy pitched up an enormous tent for all our little ones . Fiona and I tackled a coal BBQ...thank God for lighter fluid and more lighter fluid. We had a great time and some hard laughs, and some stiff drinks. The kids swam and fished and jumped off a 10 foot doc...and collected sparkle dust from the woodland fairies for days! I was sad to see them pull out...I have many great memories ...Can't wait till next year Gals...

No sooner then they left, my sister in law Georgi and her family Johnny, Jake and Elle pulled in it was so nice to have quality time with them as we seem to always be rushing our visits at Christmas and birthday dinners etc... We chit chatted a ton , Georgi is the best mother ever and had great games for the kids , did all the girls hair every morning , and encouraged sweet Jake to take that frightful leap off the high doc...I am so proud of him!
Johnny rowed CeCe Jake and Elle a million times I am sure to look at the waterfall on the other side of the lake. It was nice just to flake out at watch the kids explore the woods swim in the lake, hang out with each other.... we just had a wonderful time all around.

Charles and Keith literary pulled in as John , Georgi and the gang pulled out
these guys are fabulous bunch they helped me with so many things and I am truly thankful...We hung curtains, painted the kitchen, spray painted desks, arranged the cupboards finished the wallpapering and so on and so on...We managed to get a bit of relaxing in ,but unfortunately for Charles he got busted for fishing with out a license ..who knew...I was horrified that the officer wouldn't give us a warning...instead he gave sweet Charles a hefty ticket and get a load of this ....from a jet ski! Thanks Boys for being such good sports...I am forever grateful for all your help. I promise I will post pictures a little later as I have some funny ones ...But for now here are some pictures of fancy tents and such..
I hope summer never ends!

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