Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Jack and Izzy...

Ok...I love a good birthday party! I have great fun trying to think of new ideas for CeCe's.
This year I ordered her invites from Etsy, from a vendor called Jack and Izzy. You can customize them and they have so many great little image's and colors to choose from. I was delighted to find these pictures of the birthday party Jack and Izzy had for their little boy!
I just had to share them,these ideas would be great for any occasion weddings , Christmas dinners, retirements ,showers etc, . If your talented on the computer you could probably do this yourself ...

Notice the sign , the tiny glass milk jars and of course the fabulous straws!!

Ha...I think I may be able to figure out how to do the packaging here... I think?

Love the sanwiches..love love love....

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