Sunday, August 16, 2009

Wellsville...Makes me very Happy!

Sunday Afternoon Tony, CeCe, and I decided to take a little break from the cottage and drive around some of the little townships in Allegheny! We had the best day ever. We drove through some fabulous areas... but I must say Wellsville did me in,it is this beautiful town that has the most amazing homes and sweetest little stores.We passed this little gem on the way to there downtown..The picture does it no justice b/c this house is has a circular driveway and is perched on top of a hill I instantly fell in love with it,and thought of defecting .. seriously! Anyways this mansion of a house is for sale for $224 000.... it is on acres of land a short little jaunt to the downtown and it is just are some pics I took from the real estate website. Sadly I forgot my camera..

OK heart is aching over the staircase!!

Then we happen upon this little abode for sale...I wouldn't even have to paint the exterior!

if I defect will you all come and visit?....

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