Sunday, November 16, 2014

My Family

The last couple of Thanksgiving's we gather up our nieces and nephews and try to organzie a date where we can take a few pictures of them . 

This is no easy task, as we all live in different cities , have our children in all different activies, and we all work at different times. 

Many dates are cancelled and rescheduled.

 On the day of the shoot we are all rather disheveled. 

Some of us arrive early ....some of us arrive late. 
Some of us love getting our pictures taken.. and some of us ..well..some of us not so much. 

Our children are cranky, happy, hungry, excited and tired.

We hit the full spectrum of human emotion.

Imagine my surprise today when I returned home from work and my sister in law left this CD of our family .

Out of all the madness , stands this beautiful family ,cousins that adore each other, 
sister in laws that chit chat and brothers that are so close that they  often finish each others sentences. 
My crazy italian family is quite a wonderful blessing.

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