Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Out With The Old in With The New

Out with the old in with the new!!
Here is a little picture of my living room before and after..there is still plenty to do but it is just a tiny glance of how it is shaping up.

Speaking of new, I have a new logo For CeCe and Co.
Thanks to Hilary my dearest friend and her amazing girls at Caters Design.
I will miss my bird cage but it really belongs to Sweet Brenda at
Simply White in St. Catharines.
I dashed in there when I was home last and the store looked so wonderful.
I loved so much...I bought a great white bisque walnut piece container that is perfect for storing nuts and jelly beans etc.. I will show you a picture later or better yet those in Niagara should rush down and pick up one .Plus I picked up a beautiful necklace..Her jewellery is amazing.

The Living room before we hit it with a can of white paint .
Pink walls, mint green ceilings, dirty, dirty green carpet.

Ta Da..
The living room after..white walls "Moonlight White" paint by Benjamin Moore.
I love my cowhide rug..I picked it up from Ikea.
The cushions are from the Dwell quilt from Target .
Starting to look a little better.

CeCe being cozy.

Her first day of school it was close to 35 degress so we put her in her summer uniform...last night it dipped down to a chilly -2 brrrrr!
So winter uniform and tights are in order I think for the rest of the week.


  1. Love it bud! Your logo is perfect-you and the wee bird! Happy! Cece looks so much older in her uniform-- time goes so quick! Miss you much! K.

  2. I found your site last night and went over all 500+ posts. I recently moved to Winnipeg. LOve your style (very similar to mine). Thank you so much for these blog posts :)