Monday, September 5, 2011

Labor Day at Rushford Lake

All day the these three kiddies were doing the countdown to the Rushford Lake Fair.
As tradition I dressed Elle and CeCe in the same dresses and we took a few pictures of them at the lake. All the chitter chatter and excitement was winning goldfish ( insert eye roll). I knew there would be great disappointment for CeCe as we were heading to Winnipeg the next day. I told CeCe she would have to give her fish to Jake and Elle and we would skype visit when we got all so know where this is headed!

Dashing to the Fair

Just so thrilled!

Checking out the farm animals.

Ok this is were things start to take a terrible turn for the worse...

The gang has to throw the balls into the jars to win the fish..not as easy as it looks!

Trying to get back stray balls.

Much concentration.

In awe of the fish...they are thinking up names.

Three very happy and proud Ventresca's with their goldfish...

She is just delighted with her win.

Poor CeCe , crying her heart out when I told her the fish had to go back with her cousins.
Gosh being a parent sometimes is so hard.
Damn Fish!

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