Friday, May 20, 2011

May a Happy Whirlwind

This is Easter in our house CeCe is riding her scooter everywhere!
Our furniture had just arrived and well it is a bit of a nightmare.

Check out the Happy Easter picture..I am overwhelmed with all the work.
Oh the gardens look a little like Grey Gardens don't you think!

Ahh... the troops arrive my mom and incredibley happy ...words escape me!

CeCe has started tennis lesson with her girlfriends.
They are adorable!

Oh and the second day mom and dad arrived we had is may!
I am in dismay!

My mom and I are busy gettting CeCe's birthday loot bags ready.

Then off to the party

Busy bees making crafts

And one whipped bee after the party

Our cousin Lu totally surprised us with a visit.. Happy!!

The house is slowly and I mean slowly starting to take shape.
I am sorry for the lack of posts but soon I will be back to my regular post!
Happy May 24 weekend!
Wow what a difference a year makes!

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