Sunday, May 8, 2011


I loved the movie "It's Complicated"
For a thousand different reasons...but her garden ...Oh my , her garden near did me in!

Well it got me thinking...I think I want a formal garden..My life is so crazy at the moment.
I would love nothing more then to look out at a perfectly formal garden.

With everything in neat rows.

and everything so tidy...yes ..I am missing tidy.

I am missing a million things and now that the weather is really acting like spring .
I am afraid I am also missing a garden.
Ho hum!
But Let me tell you I am super duper missing.
My mom and dad who flew in for a week and worked none stop!
Who where incredible and strong and so helpful.
I am so so lucky to have such great folks...and as I put them on the plane today...
Well I missed them the most!
Sniff Sniff!

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