Monday, January 10, 2011

Jesse and CeCe En Route to Disney

CeCe loved her Jesse doll that Santa brought for her at Christmas.
She carried it everywhere!
I decided to take pictures every now and then .
Both are so darn cute!

Looking for directions at the airport.

On the mono rail

Waiting for Nana and Pops to arrive.

Oh my Gosh the real Jesse!!!!!!!

Jesse and Rapunzel...after a long day at Magic Kingdom!
Nothing like dragging around a 4ft wig all through Disney at Christmas when it was crazy with people...dear gawd!

Yes we are in winter coats..Florida was pretty cold over the holidays...brrrr!

Watching the night parade...CeCe decided she needed to be put Jesse on her shoulders so she could see as well.

On the beach building sand castles

Watching a 3d movie in Disney

Hanging out at the pool.

On one of our final days before we left to come back to Winnipeg.
I am proud to say we made it through 2 weeks and still have Jesse's Hat!
That in its self is a true Christmas miracle!

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