Thursday, September 9, 2010

CeCe's First day of School

Ok...must pull self together to write this blog.
Today was CeCe's first day of school.
She is attending Balmoral Hall an all girl school here in "The Peg".
She was amazing walked in no problem made her self at home...I on the other hand was a blobbering mess as soon as I got back to the car...sniff sniff!

We are residing in one of Tony's Hotels as we are yet to find a house here...incredible really!!
CeCe is thrilled about living here,water park in the evening, TV in her bedroom, coloring books at dinner, and a treasure chest of silly toys at the end of meals!

She is reminding me a little of Eloise ...but just so you all know this is not the Plaza!

Here is a picture of a house we are going to see tonight.
See that stuff around the elm is so stop some sort of grub that crawls up the trees and does horrible stuff...they all get stuck on this band around the trees..niccccceeeee really niceeeeeee and theses bands stay on till May!
Righto...Another great fact on the good old Winnie!

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