Monday, November 16, 2009

Nancy Meyers...

Here is the kitchen in "Somethings Gotta Give"
Dinning room

Living room

Here is the living room in "Its Complicated"

The Kitchen
I heard there is a lot of orange in this compliment Meryl Streep peaches and cream skin..interesting!

I just adored the movie "Somethings Gotta Give" I actually bought it both for my mom and for myself....Any time some one drops by the house ...I love to put it in....And give it a gander...I adore and dream of Dianne Keaton's house in the Hampton's..the movie was directed by Nancy Meyer....Anyways...she is doing a new movie called "It's Complicated" and it looks like she has decorated another fabby are some pictures I have stole from another blog!
Enjoy! Also if you Youtube "Its Complicated" you will not only see a hilarous trailor...but some more great pictures of the interiors!

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