Saturday, November 21, 2009


CeCe was invited tonight to a sleepover with Jake and Elle..her Cousin's...I can not tell you how much she loves these two...She lights up like a Christmas tree at the very sight of them and asks us a million times a day..."What do you think Jake and Elle are doing?

Tony and I where delighted to have a free night..and had a million ideas what to do with this free time...but do you want to know something ...we spent most part of the night wondering what CeCe Jake and Elle were doing...funny...she is not even gone 12 hours And I miss this little soul more then anything...

Georgi and John her Aunt and Uncle are pretty hip she always has a ton of fun there.

When we called tonight to see how she was doing ... she was busy making Christmas cookies and really didn't want to come to the phone...We had a little giggle over this!

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