Tuesday, October 13, 2009

This is a picture of my dad and CeCe at my Nan's 80th birthday a few short weeks ago!It is crazy how life can throw you a curve ball...... Last night we had a great dinner with Mom and Dad we had a ton of laughs great wine and wonderful conversations on life, ancestry, culture,friends and family we truly are a very blessed family ...Much of our blessings have come from this man...he worked so hard his whole life to provide for my mom my brother and myself and my family ...he is the most unselfish man you could ever meet and he has the best advice to give if you are ever in need. He is extremely intelligent, and witty and I can't even put to words what a wonderful grandfather he is to CeCe...they have their own special greeting when they see each other, he is so patient , and gentle , with her. CeCe adores him and vice versus. This man from the rock , is truly the rock to this family. My mom and dad have a great marriage and they round each other out perfectly. They are an inspiration to me to and Tony and they are always there for us no matter what....no questions asked ..they are as loyal as loyal could be!! We have had a little hiccup today. I will write more about it tomorrow when when we know more....I am sure Dad will be OK because he is the strongest man I know on this earth...and he has the best wife ever to make sure of that as well. Sometimes it is crazy times like this that you have to stop worrying about silly things...and grab those nearest and dearest to you...and let them know just how much you truly love them and how incredibly important they are to you! Mom and Dad I love you to the moon and back!

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