Monday, September 21, 2009

Vive J Crew

Here it goes...I am seriously addicted to J Crew...I love every catalogue that gets delivered to my house . I love that Michelle Obama wears J Crew. I love that they have crew cuts for the kiddies...And I am in love with Jenna Lyons the Buyer/ Director for J Crew....Have you seen her home in New York...if not I will be sure to post some as cool as her clothes...
Can we take a moment and look at this sweater.. I am swooning over the ruffle you know I went to order this ...and they are SOLD OUT...See...tons of other people must think J Crew is pretty awesome as well! And for all my 80's gals...check out the Tretorn's...oh yeah Gals they are back!! (cue the 80's music) and JCrew is carrying them!!


  1. ohh... i love that ruffle too!
    i'd hoped to find a tutorial for it here.

    want to guest post on FINECRAFTGUILD (pr 3, Alexa ranking almost 100,000) with that tutorial?

    That way, you get to have your ruffled piece, and i/the rest of the world get to learn what you've learned in the process of discovery.
    like this idea??

    guest tutorials without payment must have good pictures. you will of course get one or more links back to your site.

    great idea?

    have a wonderful day

  2. Thank you for sharing this post. J Crew really offers several comfortable and beautiful pieces. This sweater is just an example of how unique their designs are. The ruffle is so beautiful because it adds up more flavour to the outfit. Thank you, too, for the information about the Tretorn’s.