Thursday, September 17, 2009

Grape and Wine time!

Well it is that wonderful time of year again... Grape and Wine...For all those who live in the Niagara Region they know it well very well..It is a time to celebrate our wine , a time to taste great food and a time to listen to some great bands...
I have always viewed this as the official end of summer...which is a little harder this year as summer was late and wet ...and a tad cooler! I am sure I will make up for it in these next few weeks! Here is a picture of a wine bar...I am loving the bottle opener,the wine baskets and the wine rack...It looks as though this was put into a closet...hmmm . What a great idea..Who needs to hang coats, and put shoes away...Maybe we need to do a little renovation! HaHa
Cheers Friends..I hope you get out to a few of the great festivities!

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  1. Simpler times...that what this picture reminds me of...simpler times. Like when we sit on the back porch or front steps spontaneously visiting, laughing, catching up, wondering, "are we the only ones who enjoy the simplicity?" Simple, not fashionably understated in order to keep up with the neighbours. Just simple. I think that's where the beauty lies in what you include on your blog, Cheri. You appreciate the beauty in the simple charm of things. It's a tonic for those of us looking in.