Sunday, July 28, 2013

A Special Guest

Today we had a special guest ...Molly... this lovely lady has lived on this street for most of her life.
CeCe and I decided to invite her over for carrot cake and tea!

 I spent much of the morning getting the inside of the house ready for Molly.

We made a little flag topper for the cake so that the wrap would not stick to the icing...
It is just tape and twine.

But just before they arrived her nurse's aid was worried about the stairs to my house and politely asked if we could have it on the front lawn.

 Absolutely .... so with in minutes we changed the location to outdoors.

I must say it was so lovely and charming and we had such a delightful afternoon under the big elm trees.

CeCe and Molly really enjoyed each others company.
Sometimes it is the simplest of things in life that can bring the biggest joy.

CeCe 7 and Molly 96 how truly wonderful.

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