Wednesday, January 23, 2013

The Store

Well .....this used to be my favorite time of year...I know you are all thinking ..... are you crazy!
Every year for years around this time we would head down to the New York Gift Show
the CGTA gift show and start buying for the store.

Gosh, today I would give almost anything to be doing this again. 

It was not so much the buying for the store but it was our guests.
I just honest to goodness loved each and everyone of them.
I loved having them stop by to chit chat  about  their family or job and or just plan life in general, they would often share a joke, drop off a tea ( you know who you are) or even cookies and gifts.
It felt more like I was welcoming them into my home rather then my business.
I truly had the best staff that cared about the store and our guest as if their own...and always kept me on track.

There is something so charming and lovely when you own your own store something so hard to put into words.

Tony helped me out in a million different ways.... poor guy.
I would have him try gift wrapping ( his fingers were to big to tie ribbons) moving heavy pieces around the store several times till I found just the right spot. He would answer the phone when I was busy, he was always there no matter how tired he was from his from his commute from T dot .

My darling mom who is insanely talented  would make all sorts of happiness and drop them off to see if I could sell them. I never to this day think I paid her properly for all her time and work. She also was a huge help for the open houses and my biggest support . Even dad got in on the action I would show him a picture of a shelf I would like built or a delivery that I need picked up or dropped off and he would whiz in and out like a flash and have it done in no time.

They certainly were beautiful times. So tonight I pulled up a few pictures of the store . 
I am sitting here drinking my tea and wondering what beautiful things will be at the shows this week.


  1. I was just thinking about the show friends and I also learned a lot from you and Kelly...I would have to say, most favourite job was never 'work'.
    Miss it all the time and the both of you, as well as the relationships with the customers..remember all the yummy Chai teas and chocolate covered cherries from Fred?! :D

  2. PS. I MISS that popcorn!! Oh and the pumpkin tarts!! YUM!

  3. I remember your store. It was very special and never the same after you. I just found your blog again and am pinning some of your pics to my boards - you have a wonderful 'eye' and should definitely think about opening another store.