Tuesday, January 24, 2012

A peek inside.

Just a quick pic of things that I am loving around my home.

1.My Eiffel Tower collection...still after all these years...j'adore.
2.My grey chairs that Big T painted for me one was green and one was purple...but now you would never know.
3.My big pendent light in the hallway.
4. In the dinning room I love my numbered chairs.
5. I love, love the light we bought from Crate and Barrell (dinning Room).
6. I bought the most lovely matchstick blinds from home depot they are like a drift wood grey...and I think they are lovely.
7.I am really getting into my gallery wall up the stairs..Lots of fun ideas still that I want to hang there.
8. My trophies filled with flowers...happy.
9. My massive mirrors and my Louis XVI chair.
10.But My all time favourite is CeCe..I just get such a kick out of her. She is my true Joy!
There you have it!

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