Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Children Happiness..

Just thinking of a better way to be a more creative mom.
Then I stumbled across some of these pictures...easy and fun ways to wow your sweet little ones!

A cloths pin, a zip lock bag, glitter and pipe cleaner....hello spring butterfly what a cute surprise for their lunch.

Who Who would of thought.... what a creative sandwich.

This egg cracks me up.

Easiest cake ever!!!

Seriously , seriously how cute is this sandwich/lunch inspired by the Hungry Caterpillar...
by Eric Carle.
The wee holes slay me!

If I came across this chic whale bowl..I just might consider a fish for CeCe...maybe!
It is so cute!

A shout out to my creative and talented mom
Who can do anything...and I mean anything with a sewing machine.
I Love this ! Honestly love this!
What a great birthday present!

Cutest snack ever.... peanut butter and granola with chocolate chips...yummy.

Ok, this is a shout out to my dear dad...who can build anything.
I would adore this for CeCe.
I can see hours of fun inside this tent.

For some reason I can not type below these cork sail boats...rrrrr.
A cork, a toothpick and a paper sail.
Doesn't get much easier then that folks!
Dear Gawd...some parents are so creative.

Just some fairly easy random children happiness....

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  1. Love them all but the Hungry Caterpillar lunch is beyond cute! If I had 5 more hours in my day I would totally make that.