Tuesday, December 7, 2010

True Story

Tonight's conversation with Big T

Me: Hey Babe can you think of a reason why I adore this picture?

Tony: (looks up from blackberry...looks at picture)
Oh , you like the real tree.

Me: Seriously?

Tony: (Looks again)....Pauses, studies picture you think the guy is cute?

Me: Commmeee onooonnnnn...Do you recognize a brand in the photo?

Tony: (Annoyed looks again at picture...puzzled) What the bag??

Me: Yes of course !! (duh) do you know where that bag is from?
Tony: Yeah....wait a second it is coming to me...... ( I wait patiently for about 30 seconds)
Cher....I don't know!

Me: Gheez get up and walk away....yell back from Bedroom...Tiffany's!

Tony: Well it was hard to see the writing on the bag!

Ladies I kid you not!
How does he not know the Tiffany colour!!

Me: You have got to be kidding me!!


  1. I busted out laughing! I can honestly 'hear' that conversation going on!! I showed it to Jay and he said he knew instantly that it was a 'Tiffany's' bag and that it was such a BIG one..must be candle sticks or something! ;) Ha, ha...good one!!

  2. Somedays, it's just harder for them to come out of the cave - big compassionate sigh and a smile for you.. no kidding...