Friday, October 1, 2010

New York Gift Show

Oh my...I forgot to share some of my favourite items I saw and that I loved at the
New York Gift Show in August.

I said it earlier and I will say it again the British are coming...
I think even more so when they host the Olympics...
So keep your eyes out for all things British!

A kitty litter cardboard cover...

Sweet modern bird shoe horns!

Love the Snail

This is from Dwell new bedding pretty colors!

I think these pillows are from Thomas Paul
I am in love with them all!

Baby Dwell puzzles
what a great gift.

Dwell Nursery
Modern doll house.

By far, my favourite booth the Dwell Rugs...I felt like grabbing them all and dashing for the door!
I am not entirely kidding

Children's size chairs adorable...from Oly Studio.

Children's rocking horses.....
oh the pink Vespa!!

Fern was a sweet booth I loved the tree mural with hooks...
how darling!

Oly Studio...bird chandelier equals true happiness!

Sorry about the poor quality of pictures I was using my cell phone and I am not really sure if I am allowed to take these I shoot them super quick!

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