Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Fireplace Furniture Arrangements

I know...You all think I have lost my marbles talking about fireplaces in the dead heat of summer!
So let me explain.....
Above is a picture of a condo that I am loving in the "Peg"
Big T. ... Not so much!
I was thinking if I could pull together some pictures of furniture arrangements around the
ole timbers..he may feel differently!

This is sweet..but I think it is a wee bit girly for the big lad!

Oh hello antler chandlier..modern furniture and handsome leather chair, you all look smashing around this fireplace.

Love how the logs are arranged in here!

Oh my grey stripe rug... couch and two chairs..I think you are perfect!

I could not resist and all white arrangement...come on he is used to this by now!

One word

See how cute the logs are in here standing up tall.
Note the painted hardwood floors ..."oh yes please!".
I would love too do that in the condo.
I am sure I drive him nutty!

Check out all the wine corks in the massive jar...I would love too hang with who ever lives here!

My absolute Favourite..
Love , adore every single thing about this space.
Happy!! Happy!!

Sweet and simple!
I am off to "The Peg" again on Monday for a week!
Please for the love of gawd say I come back with a place for the three of us to reside in!

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