Saturday, May 29, 2010

CeCe Ballet Recital

Her first wee trophy

Nanny Barbara

Me , Mom, Dad and CeCe

Ok, I hate to be one of those mothers that brag non stop about how wonderful their child is But...I am so sorry I just have to share this with you!
Last night was CeCe's first Ballet Recital.
These events are so sweet and wholesome and hysterically funny as a bunch of three and four year olds try to preform there wee routine...I think everyone must and some point in your life must see this it is so good for your soul!
We had a wonderful evening..and all the dances where fabulous.
At the end of the show they give out a few awards...something which we never did in Newfoundland.
Imagine my total shock and surprise as the first award of the evening went to this little ballerina for best preschool ballerina 2010 /2011 with the highest potenial...
Honestly I wept...before they pushed her on to the stage she asked
Miss Amanda to hold her Blankie...aweeeee.
She accepted her award with much grace ...and stood there yelling out "Hi Nana!!"
She stood shoulder to shoulder with all the older seasoned ballerinas and just beamed...
I was so proud...
Poor ole Tony was in Winnipeg and missed this but luckily we have in on video for him...
I am sorry to be so self righteous...but I just could not resist!


  1. Cheri - CeCe has got to be the sweetest and most beautiful little girl I have ever seen! Congratulations on the trophy Cece!

  2. Congratulations CeCe!! Big hugs from us!!! xoxo