Saturday, March 27, 2010

White Meadows Farm..The Sugar Bush!!

I have been meaning to post about White Meadows Farm for about 2 weeks now...
Gosh life just gets so busy..and it seems I never have the time to download the pictures off my phone..I know I said phone..I am terrible about remembering to grab my camera...I must just put the camera in the car that way it is always there....I am brutal for taking pictures....brutal!

Anyways my girlfriends from high school mention they where taking their boy's to the farm..and well ,Tony was out of town so I thought what a great way to catch up with my girlfriends and get a ton of fresh air....

Of Course.. A girls got do what a girls gotta to do we loaded up on pancakes with peaches and cream and brown sugar..and of course maple syrup...oh my!!

Here we are chowing down...

They have a petting farm...I love how the goat is chit chatting

Morgan CeCe and took a long time to get this snap...but my favorite part of this picture that I find so so funny is the Donkeys' A** in the background!!

Fur Pelts anyone...this was a wee bit creepy I had a hard time with it..but the kids love it!
CeCe getting her face painted..Wow Pioneers have come a long way..haha
An old shed window...My Girlfriend has the greatest picture of her Emma of course I had to try and copy it..
We had a great day...and learned so so much about maple syrup...
I highly recommend this to anyone in the was a wonderful day..and CeCe took the longest nap of her life after the farm...yeah fresh air...gets them every time!

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